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September 16, 2018 Book Review

Children – Noah’s 2-by-2 Adventure – This book shares the story of Noah, his family and the animals.  It tells us that God always keeps his promises.  As you read this story together, have some animal crackers and assure the children that God is always with us.  This book is at a 3rd gr. reading level and the illustrations are very colorful.  This is an Arch Book and is on the spinner in the library.


Adult – One Hope – re-membering the Body of Christ – is a rich ecumenical resource designed to help Catholic and Lutheran communities mark the Reformation. By gathering together to reflect on and discuss its contents, Christians will foster the church’s unity on a grassroots level and grow in their awareness of the ways that unity already exists. The essays in One Hope are the product of an intense collaborative process by six gifted scholars and pastoral leaders, three Lutheran and three Catholic. This is a wonderful book to read on your own or discuss with others.   There are discussion questions for each chapter. This book is in the Reformation/Lutheran History section of our library.