The Library Corner


Where is our library? The library is in Jensen Lounge above Shaheen Hall in the Education Wing. When you go in the Bald Eagle Alley door, go through the double doors, and up the stairs one flight. The door to our library is at the top of the stairs to the left. The elevator in the Bald Eagle Alley alcove may also be used to go to the 2nd floor. Turn right as you exit the elevator. The library door will be in front of you.


Using our library is easy: 

  • Select a book or video.
  • Take the card out of the pocket in the back of the book or video. 
  • Write your name on the card.
  • Put card in the small plastic box on the table.
  • Take a due date card from the lid of the plastic box. Put in pocket of book/video.  
  • Enjoy the book/video at home. 
  • Return the book/video by the due date, placing it in the large plastic box on the table. 
  • Choose another book/video and begin the process all over again.







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Pastoral Emergency

Rev. Joshua L. Reinsburrow, Senior Pastor

Emergency Number: During regular business hours, please call the office at 570-326-9171. In a pastoral emergency outside of office hours, please call Pastor Josh at 570-854-0945.

Non-emergent items: email