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September 23, 2018 Book Review

Youth – Icky, Sticky, Hairy, Scary Bible Stories – This is a terrific book if you like stories from the Bible and poetry. The stories in the Bible are not always nice and happy. Some are messy. Some are dangerous. And some are filled with foolish, strange, awful and lovable people–people like you and me. But best of all–all Bible stories show that God loves us and is willing to sink down in the disgusting muck with us to lift us up and set us free. These stories are all in poetry form – wonderful book!!  Found in the Youth themed section.


Adult Book15 Minutes of Peace with God -Does your daily schedule have more appointments and commitments than you can keep? Do you desire a “time out” from your busy life? Emilie Barnes knows the need women have for peaceful times with their heavenly Father. And she understands how the pace of life can often squeeze out these important moments. Her solution? A simple yet effective plan that takes 15 minutes or less. Relevant scriptures and heart-to-heart stories will calm your spirit in the midst of your active day.  The book is found in the Poems, Prayers, Devotionals and Meditation Section of our Library.

























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