JOY – Grades 9-12

What is “JOY”?

JOY stands for “Just Older Youth” and is senior high youth group at Messiah Lutheran Church just for teens in Grades 9-12!  “JOY” meets on the Second Sunday of every month, May through September, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. beginning with a light supper.

At “JOY,” teens will gather once a month with adult advisors in a relaxed, faith-based, judgment-free atmosphere where conversation is encouraged, everyone’s thoughts and opinions are respected, games and fun activities take place, prayers are offered, and learning occurs while having fun.  Whether you are a member of Messiah, another church, or have not yet found a church home, all are welcome!

For more information, contact Kathy Wither at or by phone at 570-326-7171, ext. 203.

Dates for 2015-2016 sessions are:

September 13 – October 11 – November 8 – December 13 – January 10 – February 14 – March 13 – April 10 – May 1*

Please note:  the May date is the first Monday in May as the second Monday is Mother’s Day.

Click here to download a flyer.  Check back often to view upcoming topics and activities!

This month at JOY – February 14, 2016:  The Why’s and Wherefore’s of Lenten Traditions.  This month, we will take a look at Lutheran traditions that are observed during Lent.  Why do we do them?  What do they mean?  Do we have to do these things?  Led by Felicia Swartz

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