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THE LIBRARY CORNER – Highlighted Books

Another Great Summer Family movie – Spike and the Silly, Mixed – up Sleepover DVD – Learning to listen is a very important part of growing up. When Spike goes over to Lemon’s house for a sleepover, she doesn’t listen to her dad and forgets to bring some essential things-with frustrating (but very funny) results! This is #2 in the Quigley’s Village DVD series in the Family Movies section.

Adult – The Big Guy Upstairs – You, Him and How it all Works – If there is a God, what does He want with me? God feels so far away. How am I supposed to interact with Him? Does God really care about me?  Isn’t God just angry all the time? How do I know God is listening?  Maybe you can relate to some of these (or similar) questions. The answers are here–no religious jargon, no pretense, and no nonsense. Just simple, incredible and engaging insights and true stories. Found in the Adult Non-fiction section.

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