I’m New

Who we are…

Messiah Lutheran is a community of people dedicated to serving the people and community where we live, work, play, and worship.  We consider it a gift from God to welcome new visitors to this vibrant ministry community.  Our work with the community has shown us that the Williamsport area is a diverse community, with people who have many different worship needs.  Whether you prefer a traditional and more formal worship service, a relaxed, come-as-you-are praise service, or something completely different, there is a place and a service for you here at Messiah.

Don’t Panic!

Visiting a church for the first time can be nerve-wracking!  Where do you go?  What do you wear?  Where do you park?  What time should I be there?  Are kids included??  All of these questions create anxiety when worship should be peaceful.  To help with that, we made some test drive videos so that you know what to expect.  We believe that no one should have to feel uncomfortable when they really need a chance to relax and reconnect with God.


Question Answer
Where do I go? The main entrance to the church is across from the parking lot at the corner of Howard St and Bald Eagle Alley.  There is a wheelchair accessible entrance and parking behind the building on Bald Eagle Alley.
Where do I park? The main parking lot is on Howard St.  There is also street parking available along Howard St, Southern Ave, and George St.
What do I wear? Any clothes you want.
What time should I be there?  Currently, we have one service on Sunday morning. 9:30 am
Are kids included?   We believe kids belong in worship and that family worship is pleasing to God.
Do I have to turn off my cell phone? Why would we do that to you?
What if I have more questions??? Give the office a call at 570-326-9171, email us at messiahoffice@comcast.net, message us on Facebook, come by the office, or scroll down to see the videos.  No question is too silly to ask if you have it.

The Basics

Messiah has a large parking lot right across Howard St. from the main entrance, as well as street parking along Howard St, Southern Ave, and George St.  There is also a handicap accessible entrance on Bald Eagle Alley with handicap spaces.  There are no assigned spaces and plenty of parking spots, so park wherever you like.  Check out the video for more information!

The Traditional Service

Traditional worship happens every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. The most important thing to know is that the name “traditional” is a little misleading.  There’s no expectation that you dress up or leave the kids behind (or in a separate “kids area”) to come to this service.  What makes this service “traditional” is the Lutheran communion liturgy (a fancy name for service order) that guides worship.  This service uses a full paper bulletin and most of the music is provided by the organ, piano, and handbells.  The worship order and songs at this service come from a variety of Lutheran hymnals, including the Lutheran Book of Worship found in the pews and newer hymnals, such as With One Voice and Evangelical Lutheran Worship.  Check out the video from more info!


Upcoming Events

Pastoral Emergency

Emergency Number:
Please call (570) 326-9171. This number is available 24 hours a day. During working hours, office staff will assist you in contacting the Pastor. When the office is closed, you will be asked to press “3” for a Pastoral emergency. When you press “3” you will be connected to the Pastor.