Pastor’s Welcome


At Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church you will find a faith community of rich tradition, dynamic ministries, and an enduring legacy of missional outreach. Messiah offers a place to grow in your faith and a place to express that faith in many different ways.

Together we celebrate and proclaim the glory of God through Word and Sacrament each Sunday as we gather for inspirational and reverent worship. Here you will find a church that creates a feeling of belonging within a loving and inviting church family and community. We promote an enthusiasm for mission such that each member accepts daily responsibility for discipleship and the care of others as we leave worship fed and forgiven to bring justice and mercy to our hurting world.

Messiah offers Christian Education for all ages that emphasizes spiritual growth, Biblical knowledge, outreach, and instruction on how to apply these teachings in our daily lives. At every life stage, you will be able to develop a passionate spirituality by relying on the presence of the Holy Spirit in all our collective efforts, and recognizing the efficacy of prayer and small group ministry. Our leaders are empowered to recognize the value of individuals and their initiative and gifts. Your spirit will be renewed as you experience the joys of our fellowship and in turn offer what you have experienced to the unchurched. Through all this, we are a church that experiences God’s grace and enthusiasm in everything we do. Join us and find a spot that’s right for you in our life together.

 To all who are spiritually weary and seek rest,

To all who mourn and long for comfort,

To all who struggle and desire victory,

To all who sin and need a Savior,

To all who are strangers and want fellowship,

To all who hunger and thirst after righteousness,

And to whomever will come – our church opens wide our doors

And offers our welcome in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

We hope you will join us!!

 Pastor Joshua L. Reinsburrow, Senior Pastor

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Pastoral Emergency

Rev. Joshua L. Reinsburrow, Senior Pastor

Emergency Number:  Please call (570) 326-9171. This number is available 24 hours a day. During working hours, office staff will assist you in contacting the Pastor. When the office is closed, you will be asked to press “3” for a Pastoral Emergency. When you press “3” you will be connected to Pastor Reinsburrow.

For non-emergent items: email