Sunday School

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Sunday School:  Re-Imagined!  Join us on Sunday mornings for a trip back in time to Bible days. 

9:30 A.M. on Sundays

September through May
Age 2 through Adult
Sunday School News: Sunday School will not be in session over the summer.  Classes will resume on Rally Day, September 10, 2017.  Join us the night before to kick off the program year with Rally in the Alley on Saturday, September 9!!  5:00-8:00 p.m.

Grades 7-8 (Confirmation Students), please report to the Scout Room, first door on the left on the top floor of the education building.

Adults will meet in the Council Room for a special study on the Reformation.

Preschool Class – Ages 2-4 (Preschool and Pre-K)
Barbara Waltz

Room 202-204

Parents are encouraged to attend with their children.

Grades 7-8 and Confirmation Class
Mr. Glenn Spoerke
Scout Room
Adult Class
Pastor Reinsburrow and Carol Winter
“The Re-formation”
Council Room
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